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The Brand New Dawson Academy

Posted On: Friday, June 28th 2013 by

DawsonDSC_7244re The Brand New Dawson AcademyThe Dawson Academy is a unique facility – the faculty members all maintain full-time dental practices, creating an exceptional learning environment for continuing education dental students. The Henry Schein Design Team knew they had a difficult task at hand when the Dawson Academy asked them to help find a new location and design a new office. They needed the new space to accommodate the independent practices while allowing them to share equipment and resources and foster close interaction between doctors and students.

After a year of scouting potential property, they purchased a building on a highly visible corner in downtown St. Petersburg, and the renovations began. Henry Schein’s national design team, led by Jennifer Rhode, was tasked with a unique challenge – to create efficient spaces that worked for each individual practice, while also designing an overall flow that allowed the doctors and the Dawson Academy to share common spaces, such as the lab, X-ray equipment, mechanical room and staff lounge. And to do it with an eye for creating a beautiful, modern ambiance that was cohesive from one part of the building to the other.

Today, the new building is a shining example of smart design, excellence in patient care and technology, and a warm, inviting environment that puts both patients and Academy students at ease.

Read about the Dawson Academy’s journey from old to new and see pictures of their new office.

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