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The Business of Health and Happiness

Posted On: Friday, April 12th 2013 by

Dentist Gerald Bittner is obviously an advocate of beautiful smiles because he knows a beautiful smile is also healthy. Explaining this to his patients has gotten a lot easier with improvements in technology, making it simple to practice his patient-care philosophy.

His parents, who were both dentists, passed on their philosophy for patient care – let patients know they are in an environment where they are cared for, listened to, and receive the very best.

The new DEXIS® Imaging Suite takes patient understanding a step further with its cosmetic module, DEXcosmetic™. He is able to show patients how their teeth would look if he whitened them, if he straightened them a bit, or changed them with veneers. Bittner says, “We’re in the business of health and happiness. The more I can show patients what’s possible, the more I can deliver to them and make them happy.”

Dr_Bittner_consult-preview The Business of Health and Happiness

Learn more about Dentist Bittner’s experience implementing DEXIS® Digital X-ray, DEXIS Imaging Suite, and its seamless integration with Dentrix.

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