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The Truth About CAD/CAM Technology

Posted On: Tuesday, February 19th 2013 by

(Douglas Klein, DDS, is the guest blogger today at Sidekick Magazine)

Do you believe that occlusion must be created by hand? Or do you believe you’ve seen cases of poor-restoration caused by CAD/CAM technology (somehow forgetting that those restorations weren’t placed by the CAD/CAM systems, but merely fabricated by them)?

These stories and experiences build a bad impression of CAD/CAM technology that simply isn’t true. Perhaps it’s these prejudices that explain why only 10% of dental practices in North America have chairside restoration systems.

CAD/CAM can be likened to when LensCrafters first opened and brought a clinician (optometrist) and laboratory (lens grinding) together under one roof. CAD/CAM also provides this kind of control over the entire procedure, offering patient convenience like never before.

Take a new look with 20/20 vision (not hindsight) at what options are available with chairside CAD/CAM dentistry. You can see examples of cases where CAD/CAM technology was a real success. See the difference it can make in your own practice.

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