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Top 5 Operatories for Efficiency and Ergonomics

Posted On: Tuesday, June 16th 2015 by

sg-hackney-140539-220x220.jpg Top 5 Operatories for Efficiency and ErgonomicsIn today’s blog post, we feature 5 dentists who have worked with Henry Schein to create modern dental practices including operatories that have been designed for efficient and effective care, with ergonomic benefits.



paulson-operatory1-220x220.jpg Top 5 Operatories for Efficiency and Ergonomics

Arbor Dental Associates
Novi, Michigan
Dr. Christopher Paulson wanted improve his practice’s design and functionality, and started with improved operatory design. The treatment rooms were upgraded to include new chairs, rear delivery systems, and LED lights. Each operatory was also designed to be both left/right compatible and feature large windows allowing for natural light. These and other design and technology improvements have enabled Arbor Dental Associates to provide a better quality of care and increase patient referrals.

j straw 14846-220x220.jpg Top 5 Operatories for Efficiency and ErgonomicsEl Dorado & Maxillofacial Surgery
El Dorado Hills, California
All of Dr. Jason Straw’s operatories have been designed with efficiency and ergonomics in mind. Each operatory uses state-of-the-art technology, and also includes ergonomic chairs and oversized windows. With plenty of space in each operatory for both patient and staff comfort, wall mounted monitors, and a generally attractive ambiance, Dr. Straw’s dental office delivers effective, efficient care in a pleasant environment.

racine-dental-40576-220x220.jpg Top 5 Operatories for Efficiency and ErgonomicsRacine Dental Group
Racine, Wisconsin
Racine Dental Group implemented many improvements to operatory ergonomics and efficiency. All operatories are now equipped with ergonomic chairs and LED lights, ensuring patient comfort and staff efficiency. All the operatories now also have windows enabling a flow of natural light, and have been designed to accommodate both right and left-handed clinicians.

rsz sg-hackney-140404-413x310.jpg Top 5 Operatories for Efficiency and ErgonomicsStephanieGray Hackney, DDS, PA
Wilmington, North Carolina
With a primary desire to deliver a better quality of care and an improved patient experience, Dr. StephanieGray Hackney was determined to create a first-class facility with efficiency and ergonomics in mind. Dr. Hackney started with a major change: a move from a side-delivery model to a rear-delivery, open-bay concept with center-island cabinets. This change allowed the doctor to adjust from a standing position to a sitting position, creating greatly improved ergonomics for both her and her staff.

rsz ekentucky-oral-maxillofacial-operatory-413x3102.jpg Top 5 Operatories for Efficiency and ErgonomicsEast Kentucky Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, PSC
Pikeville, Kentucky
Dr. Chad Street’s new practice includes state-of-the-art operatories that include many modern features for patient and staff comfort. Flat screen TVs and a unique sound system help patients relax and feel at ease. A monitor on each room allows staff to effectively communicate diagnosis and treatment to patients via digital imaging. Custom configured cabinetry includes pullouts to optimize workflow efficiency of the doctor and his staff.

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