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What Dentists are Saying about 3D Cone Beam Imaging

Posted On: Friday, November 15th 2013 by

Practitioners who have implemented 3D imaging, a dynamic and flexible imaging method, are eager to provide feedback on how i-CAT scanning technology has helped to improve their practice, helped their patients, and given them more information for more comprehensive dental care.

g gross-75x99.jpg What Dentists are Saying about 3D Cone Beam ImagingGuy Gross, DDS, of New Horizons Dental Care in Salina, KS: “As a general dental practice, Cone Beam 3D imaging has allowed us to cater to a broader range of patients’ needs by offering specialized services, including dental implants, orthodontics, endodontics and sleep dentistry. This technology can dramatically change how a clinician diagnoses…Read More.
resnick.jpg What Dentists are Saying about 3D Cone Beam ImagingRandolph Resnik, DMD, MDS, of Resnik Dental Implants in Pittsburgh, PA: “I’ve been involved with CT Scans in implant dentistry for over 25 years, and I’ve found that the new i-CAT FLX Cone Beam unit has now changed the way I practice implant dentistry. The i-CAT scanners produce unparalleled images…Read More.
olmos.jpg What Dentists are Saying about 3D Cone Beam ImagingSteven Olmos, DDS, founder of the TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre in La Mesa, CA: “My i-CAT is invaluable to proper diagnosis. In my business, I have to figure out why people hurt and don’t breathe well. The i-CAT scan shows if there is ossification of certain bones or ligaments that are the cause of people’s aches and pains…Read More.
guttenberg.jpg What Dentists are Saying about 3D Cone Beam ImagingSteven A. Guttenburg, DDS, MD, of the Washington Institute for Mouth, Face and Jaw Surgery in Washington, DC: “Cone Beam CT is indispensable for the practice of modern day oral and maxillofacial surgery. For the evaluation of oral and maxillofacial pathology that exists within the bone and sometimes soft tissue, CBCT is remarkably useful…Read More.
molen.jpg What Dentists are Saying about 3D Cone Beam ImagingAaron Molen, DDS, MS, of Molen Orthodontics in Auburn, WA: “For an orthodontist, having a CBCT with a low-dose feature, like the i-CAT FLX, gives us a wealth of information with a fraction of the radiation…Read More.
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