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What do Disneyland, McDonald’s, and your dental practice have in common?

Posted On: Friday, May 17th 2013 by

The answer will surprise you: the need for updated and clean bathrooms.

Disneyland, Starbucks, McDonald’s train their new managers that the most important issue for their guests is restroom cleanliness! It is not the food, coffee, wait times, or quality of the ride, but the restrooms! Mom will not return if the restroom is dirty or old.

Taking this to heart in his article,
Creating Great First Impressions with Office Design – Making Your Office “Pop,” Dr. Mark Tholen says to create quality restroom environments with lighting, some art, and pleasing materials. And place the patient restroom entrance in full view of the appointment desk and front desk staff so they can monitor who enters and exits, periodically checking the restroom to clean it.

Learn other great tips how to make a great first impression with new patients, including signage and suggestions for the waiting room.

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