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What is your outdated technology costing you?

Posted On: Friday, May 10th 2013 by

A recent white paper from IDC, a leading computer industry analyst group, analyzed the costs of keeping old computer hardware. The paper revealed that in the long term, outdated technology costs more than purchasing new equipment because of higher maintenance costs, poor energy efficiency, and aging software.

When Lakewood Ranch Dental added digital imaging equipment to increase efficiency, they wanted to get professional computer network assistance from Henry Schein TechCentral. In the process of learning just how much their outdated system was costing them, a failed system test led to a discovery that someone was trying to hack into their server, leaving patient records at risk. After the incident, McLane of Lakewood Ranch Dental said, “It’s incredible – as we learn more, we discover how much we don’t know. It’s important to have people you can rely on and trust.”

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