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What to Look for in a New Imaging Unit

Posted On: Friday, November 16th 2012 by

As an endodontist in New Jersey, Dr. Brian Trava knows the standard of care is changing dynamically in relation to the technology that is available. That’s why he’s provided a clinical perspective on what to look for in a new CBCT 3D imaging unit.

There has been a rapid influx of 3D imaging machines on the market, but not all machines are right for every practice. Multi-modality endodontics (MME) is the use of multi-modality imaging machines to treat our endodontic patients. A Multi-modality machine (MMM) allows for 2D imaging, 3D imaging, a true panorex, periapical imaging, and a true “Super Bitewing.” A good MMM will have the capability to render varying size 2D and 3D images. If radiation exposure is an issue, the machine should have the ability to blend a variety of mA/kV and be able to apply them in multiple-size 2D or 3D images. Make sure your salesman or dealer is specific about these.

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