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With Great Wi-Fi Comes Great Responsibility

Posted On: Friday, November 22nd 2013 by

woman-with-ipad.jpg With Great Wi-Fi Comes Great ResponsibilityThe demand for internet access will continue to grow and more dental and business devices will rely solely on wi-fi connectivity. Even patients express frustration when it’s absent when just a few years ago they were surprised at the availability of wi-fi. Once you’ve made the decision to provide your patients with wi-fi in the waiting room and throughout the office for your staff, you need to make sure proper security measures are in place to keep your data safe.

Internet security measures should protect against:

  • Web sites that contain malicious software that infect PCs.
  • Continual hacks that attempt to probe your network and commandeer your PCs.
  • Inappropriate Web sites to keep X-rated materials, gambling and other undesirable content out.

Learn about the additional benefits of having wi-fi in your office and how to create a secure internet environment for everyone with the article, Wi-Fi for Your Waiting Room and Beyond.

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