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Dr. Wilbur Chow-Panorama Orthodontics

Issue: Fall 2011
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Surrey, British Columbia

Upon graduating from specialty school, Dr. Chow’s goal was to build an office exactly to his specifications in order to suit his style of practice, encompassing the technical and aesthetic standards that support his philosophy of patient care. “I visited a large number of orthodontic offices—new and old, large and small, gaining insights into the many details involved in designing a successful practice. My goal was to create a medium-sized, one-orthodontist practice, designed to work at optimal efficiency.” Also important to the Doctor were good public exposure, ample parking, and excellent access from all parts of the city. After months of scrutinizing, the office was opened on February 19, 2007.


Equipment Sales Specialist J-P Grondin notes, “The Doctor had a good idea of how he wanted workflow and process to [function] in his office. It was important for him to have everything at his fingertips to effectively treat his patients.”

Panorama Orthodontics’ space is organized to maximize its square footage, allowing ease of movement and exceptional traffic flow to streamline the delivery of the office’s orthodontic services. The need for ergonomic integrity within the open layout is essential to meet the office’s busy schedule, as is the proper equipment to accelerate and maintain productivity. J-P Grondin, Equipment Sales Specialist, and Lynder Bevan, Field Sales Consultant, combined their expertise to ensure that staff and patients benefited from the perfect combination of technology and treatment options.

The office is fully computerized and digital. Upon entering the office, patients check in independently using a touch-screen unit for “instant entry.” The patient-management system includes all charting, radiographs, and appointment and financial information, which are easily accessed at each chairside workstation from a centralized network. The consultation room’s LCD presentation monitor allows clear and concise patient education on the recommendations noted for their specific orthodontic needs. “We feel that patients should be well-informed…on their treatment options—and the presentation screen provides the perfect medium for this type of communication,” adds Dr. Chow. “The integration of the proper equipment and IT systems…[allows] us the means to provide the best treatment possible.”

Panorama Orthodontics gets high scores in the design department as well. Its overall aura of relaxed simplicity; the graceful lines of its architectural elements; furnishings with outstanding “good looks;” and calming, neutral-toned color palette set the perfect mood for staff and patients. There’s also plenty of fun to be had in the waiting area where two XBOX 360-gaming stations help kids and adults stay happily distracted until appointment time is near.

“I still find myself admiring the practice design,” comments the Doctor. “My staff feels comfortable in the spacious working environment. We have seen a consistent pattern of enhanced patient flow due to the features built into the design, all of which better supports my staff in performing their daily tasks.”

In evaluating the overall impact of his new office, Dr. Chow notes, “Building a practice from scratch is quite an experience; almost an adventure. I recommend that dentists planning to take on a project such as this seek advice from others who have undergone a similar adventure! I achieved my exact needs and desires through close communication with the designers, general contractors, and tradespeople who supported my vision and provided the energy and dedication that helped bring it to fruition.”
Left to right: Lynder Bevan, Field Sales Consultant; J-P Grondin, Equipment Sales Specialist; Dr. Wilbur Chow, Cindy Stiffon, Designer

“Having the entire Henry Schein team involved; FSC, EST, and ESS right from the start of the project, built confidence in what we were trying to achieve,” remarks Equipment Sales Specialist J-P Grondin. “We were there to help him every step of the way…[the final product being] a more efficient and streamlined process for everything they do in the office.”

Practice Overview

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