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Expanding Compassionate Patient Care

Forney Family Dentistry & Orthodontics - Forney, TX
Issue: Spring 2014
Dr. Melina Cozby
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Forney Family Dentistry and Orthodontics—Forney, Texas

Even before she graduated from the Baylor School of Dentistry, Dr. Melina Cozby was actively mapping out her dental future. She planned to return to her hometown of Forney, Texas, to establish a new practice, so she met with Henry Schein Equipment Sales Specialist Matt Zolfo while still in her fourth year. They talked about her vision, her timeline for opening shortly after graduation, and a budget. Because she would be opening the practice right after finishing school, financing was a challenge.

dds-cozby-dental-staff-25861-220x220.jpg Expanding Compassionate Patient Care
Left to right: Randall McLemore, Regional Manager; Leslie Tucker, Digital Technology Specialist; Jarret Scruggs, Field Sales Consultant; Dr. Melina Cozby; Jeremy Hill, Equipment Service Technician; Brad Smith, Equipment Service Technician; Matt Zolfo, Equipment Sales Specialist

“I opened Forney Family Dentistry in October 2009, immediately following my graduation,” remembers Dr. Cozby. “Funding for a new start-up fresh out of school proved to be very difficult. With the help of family, friends, and fabulous colleagues, I was able to open ‘phase one’ of my practice with two operatories outfitted. It was a dream come true—right out of the story books—when I walked into my office on the first working day.”

Dr. Cozby had big plans for her practice but had to start more modestly to stay within her budget. A team from Henry Schein, led by Mr. Zolfo, helped in every part of that initial office build, from creating the design, working with the doctor to select equipment, and obtaining contractor bids, evaluation, and construction oversight. While the build was underway, Field Sales Consultant Jarret Scruggs and Digital Technology Specialist Leslie Tucker stepped in and helped with fee analysis, marketing timeline, staffing parameters, OSHA and HIPAA suggestions, patient communication software, practice-management software training, and a host of other areas that addressed the operations of Forney Family Dentistry.

dds-cozby-dental-reception-26058-220x220.jpg Expanding Compassionate Patient Care
Every detail adds to the welcoming feel of the reception area, from the clean lines and sunny color palette to the soft leather chairs and custom light fixture.

The practice was originally 2,400 square feet, with two fully equipped operatories and four others plumbed for future growth. Within four months, Dr. Cozby had to build out two more operatories to keep up with patient growth, and by the end of the first year, all six were being used to treat patients!

The office continued its rapid growth, and by 2012, the doctor was anxiously awaiting more space to become available next door so she could expand the practice. She explained the challenges of outgrowing the space so quickly.

“We did not have enough operatories to accommodate the patients that needed appointments, and the space available to team members, including the lab, sterilization, and break room was too small,” said Dr. Cozby.

We did not have enough operatories to accommodate the patients that needed appointments, and the space available to team members…was too small.

When the neighboring tenant moved out, she leased the space and contacted Henry Schein to begin the expansion.

“I dreamed of what I wanted to add to our new facility that I couldn’t do the first time,” Dr. Cozby admitted. “I wanted to make this expansion perfect. And in June 2013, we opened our doors to the newly expanded and improved Forney Family Dentistry and Orthodontics!”

I dreamed of a state-of-the-art sterilization system while I was in the first office, and I was so excited when I could get every detail I wanted with the new expansion.

Today, Forney Family Dentistry and Orthodontics has 15 operatories in 5,700 square feet and is a spectacular example of how to maximize the power of technology to provide the latest in patient care.

dds-cozby-dental-consultation-26038-220x220.jpg Expanding Compassionate Patient Care
The striking baroque-upholstered chairs in the consult room encircle a table in which patients can comfortably discuss treatment options with the doctor.

Operatories Equipped for Any Use
“Our rooms are designed to be available for any use,” explained Dr. Cozby. The practice has four associates; [we] offer a wide range of services for all ages, from basic hygiene and restorations to oral surgery, from orthodontics to periodontics, as well as other innovative treatments like TMJ/headache therapy.”

dds-cozby-dental-kids-operatory-25778-220x220.jpg Expanding Compassionate Patient Care
The pediatric treatment room distracts anxious patients with a friendly Dino Chair and wrap-around wall mural. Parents can see through the colorful mural and hear how the appointment is going without being seen by their children.
dds-cozby-dental-kids-operatory-IMG 4671-220x220.jpg Expanding Compassionate Patient Care

From the patient’s perspective, Forney Family Dentistry is all about comfort. The waiting area is spacious with clean lines, but the soft recessed lighting, use of tile and stone, and soft leather chairs make it inviting. A custom light fixture draws the eye upward and adds to the unique look of the practice. Throughout the office, Christian art adorns the walls, giving visitors a glimpse into Dr. Cozby’s strong faith, which is the foundation on which she has built her life and her practice. This desire to serve her patients is evident in her building plans, which created spaces and amenities that put patients at ease throughout their visit.

The treatment areas feel warm and welcoming, with cheerful yellow walls, wide arched entries into each operatory, bullnose corners, and contrasting walnut-colored hardwood floors. Inlaid stone niches that hold rustic wrought-iron artwork line the hallways, marking the way and providing an interesting design contrast to the sleek, cutting-edge Pelton & Crane chairs, lighting, and cabinetry inside each room. Monitors hover above the patients, allowing patients to watch a movie or see their X-rays or Digital Doc intraoral camera images.

Dinosaurs Adds Whimsy to Pediatric Treatment Room
In contrast to the restful, calming feel of the regular operatories is the children’s treatment area. “Our pediatric-themed room is my favorite feature of the office. We placed the room in the center of two hallways, with glass on either side of the operatory walls,” said Dr. Cozby. “The centerpiece in the room is a dinosaur-themed pediatric Dino Chair. Wall art filled with a whimsical dinosaur theme surrounds the entire room, including the glass.”

Parents are able to see and hear their children through the muraled glass walls, but the children cannot see them. “This has made treating my pediatric patients fun, exciting, and easy,” she continued. Technology Perfected in New Office Forney Family Dentistry and Orthodontics is truly a one-stop practice for cutting-edge technology and treatment.

“In the new office, we expanded upon the technology we already had in place, but we improved and perfected it,” said Dr. Cozby. “We held nothing back. If it was out there and proven to make us more effective, efficient, and provide the best care to our patients, we got it.”

In the new office, we expanded upon the technology we already had in place, but we improved and perfected it,” said Dr. Cozby. “We held nothing back. If it was out there and proven to make us more effective, efficient, and provide the best care to our patients, we got it.

dds-cozby-dental-operatory-25798-220x220.jpg Expanding Compassionate Patient Care
Each operatory features Pelton & Crane lighting, chairs, and cabinetry. Patients can view treatment options or watch movies on the overhead monitors.

In addition to DEXIS sensors and an OP300 digital pan/ceph machine that integrates seamlessly into the office’s Dentrix practice-management system, Dr. Cozby installed an E4D in the large onsite lab that also holds a custom shade station. Now, Forney Family Dentistry can offer patients same-day restorations while they wait comfortably in a private patient lounge with massage chairs and 3-D movies!

Another integral part of the practice for the doctors and staff is a new, custom-built sterilization center. Although patients may not appreciate it, the well-organized sterilization center enhances workflow so the office runs more smoothly and can accommodate more patients each day.

dds-cozby-dental-lab-detail-26001-220x220.jpg Expanding Compassionate Patient Care
An onsite lab is equipped with an E4D Mill, giving the practice the ability to provide same-day restorations.

dds-cozby-dental-sterilization-IMG 4628-220x220.jpg Expanding Compassionate Patient Care
Dr. Cozby always imagined owning a high-tech sterilization center. It houses Midmark and Pelton & Crane autoclaves.

dds-cozby-dental-lab-25751-220x220.jpg Expanding Compassionate Patient Care

“I dreamed of a state-of-the-art sterilization system while I was in the first office, and I was so excited when I could get every detail I wanted with the new expansion,” said Dr. Cozby. It features top-of-the-line equipment, including Midmark M11 and Pelton & Crane autoclaves.
Doubling the office’s square footage also gave the doctor the chance to build a multipurpose meeting room, complete with a projection system and surround sound. “We hold dinner-and-learns for our patients and invite dental representatives to come in and meet with them,” she noted. In addition, the space is also used as classroom space for the Elite Careers in Dental Assisting School, which launched this year.

After working with Dr. Cozby on her first office build, Mr. Zolfo was excited to help her expand and build the practice to her exact specifications. “Dr. Cozby’s passion for not only her practice but [also] her patients is unsurpassed in my experience,” he noted.

dds-cozby-dental-xray-26014-220x220.jpg Expanding Compassionate Patient Care
The OP300 pan/ceph is located in a dedicated space near the treatment areas for easy access from any operatory.
dds-cozby-dental-hallway-IMG 4692-220x220.jpg Expanding Compassionate Patient Care
Forney Family Dentistry and Orthodontics offers not only basic hygiene and restorations but also oral surgery, periodontics, and orthodontics.

One way she demonstrates her caring and commitment to patients and the community is through her annual event, Smiles of Grace. “I believe I have been greatly blessed, and I want to give back to others in appreciation of what I’ve been given,” Dr. Cozby explained. During the event she provides complimentary dentistry services to the community as well as other support if it’s needed.

Even as Dr. Cozby built her first office with Henry Schein, she was looking ahead to the future with a vision in mind. Today, Forney Family Dentistry and Orthodontics embodies that vision! She now owns a practice that allows her to serve her patients by providing excellence in dental care and technology.

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