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Inspired Dentistry – El Dorado Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

El Dorado Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery - El Dorado, CA
Issue: Spring 2012
Dr. Jason A. Straw, El Dorado Hills, CA
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Dr. Jason A. Straw opened his new oral and maxillofacial office in 2011, fulfilling his goal to offer his patients highly specialized services in an environment that reflects his commitment to excellence in care with the very best in equipment and technology to support that ideal.

“We are now much more productive and the level of efficiency is greatly increased, bringing our business to a whole new level of success and increased potential for the future.”

El Dorado Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery is located in El Dorado Hills, California and is the Doctor’s second office. The new location was also influenced by the fact that there are no oral surgeons nearby, an advantage in of itself for a business. The practice provides a full range of OMS services to patients and gives the staff of eight a spacious 2,424-sq.-ft. area to work in.

Designed to help patients feel at ease by providing an environment that feels like home. With warm colors, inset ceiling, fire place, and a rug all help to bring home to the office. Being comfortable and relaxed helps settle the nerves especially to those who are particularly anxious before surgery.

Dr. Straw contacted Equipment Sales Specialist Adam Jones to move the project forward. Henry Schein Dental’s perspective is one of partnership with its customers. By supporting their professional goals and delivering the products and services that will keep them competitive and profitable in the industry, our specialists help to ensure that their customers’ businesses cost-effectively achieve the level of success they envision. From design and equipment to supply purchasing, every aspect of the oral health care provider is of concern. Each office is an entirely unique endeavor and requires full focus and a dynamic and proactive attitude to bring the plan to fruition.

i-CAT - Cutting edge diagnostics

The overall efficiency of the facility’s layout has provided the ergonomics to get the job done while reducing stress and increasing production capabilities. Industry-leading, well-integrated technologies make it possible for El Dorado Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery to deliver high-level care to patients and confidently expand their services.

The patient base is continuously rising, recently coming in at around 80 new clients per month since the new technologies were incorporated. The right equipment and technology can enhance, improve, and streamline the patient experience from start to finish. Some of the winning tech products chosen by Dr. Straw were the i-CAT, Miele, DEXIS digital sensors, and the Porter O2 system. “Our digital and chartless office is a major positive change for us,” notes the Doctor. “We are now much more productive and the level of efficiency is greatly increased, bringing our business to a whole new level of success and increased potential for the future.”

Steri Center–Spacious, easy flowing sterilization area. Allows for fast and efficient productivity by facilitating several people to work in one area. Equipped with Midmark Sterilization equipment

El Dorado O&M Surgery gets high scores in the design department with an aura of relaxed simplicity. Its “good looks” create the perfect mood for staff and patients, and make busy workdays a pleasant experience. The motif in the office is modern traditional with contrasting dark woods, carpeting in hallways, finished wood planks in the consult rooms, and an eye-catching tray ceiling in the reception area. “People are amazed at how nice the office looks,” comments Dr. Straw. “Many remark that it feels like a really nice ‘house’ until they pass into the operatory space, which is what I aimed for when the facility was designed.”

Spacious, fully equipped operatory. We chose the finest equipment in our operatories to maximize both patient and staff comfort. Equipped with Midmark, Boyd, Aribex DEXIS, Accutron and KaVo

Left to right: Tony Hazen, Equipment Service Technician; Adam Jones, Equipment Sales Specialist; Dr. Jason Straw, Frank Solomon, Field Sales Consultant; Mark Lowery, Regional Manager

With all the elements for success in place, the new facility is poised to fulfill its philosophy on patient care and look forward to continuing to energize its productivity and profitability. “We now have the ability to expand into different markets and to acquire patients from referring Doctors,” points out Dr. Straw. “Our goal is to grow and build our niche as excellent providers of high-quality specialized dental services.”

Midmark procedure light

Miele Professional Dishwasher Disinfectant

Dr. Straw and Staff

Check out – Separate area helps give privacy for checking out.

Designed by Henry Schein National Design Group

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  • El Dorado Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
  • El Dorado, CA
  • Dr. Jason A. Straw, El Dorado Hills, CA
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