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Metropolitan Dental-Toronto, Canada

Metropolitan Dental - Toronto, ON
Issue: Fall 2009
Dr. Andrew Plaitis
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The MaRS Centre is the gateway to Canada’s largest concentration of scientific research, anchored by major teaching hospitals, the University of Toronto, and more than two dozen affiliated research institutions.

The stimulating and supportive environment present in the MaRS Centre is also home to Metropolitan Dental, Dr. Andrew Plaitis’ new office. It can easily be appreciated that, this must be an ideal place to set down roots and explore the full potential of one’s professionalism while surrounded by colleagues of like mind. For Dr. Plaitis, the opening of his practice in 2005 was a much-welcomed transition after 10 years of associate’s positions from the time he graduated from dental school; six of those years in the Toronto area. “I wanted a new office in downtown Toronto that utilized the latest in technology and equipment for efficient treatment and patient comfort. …It was time to have my own practice to execute my own vision for patient care,” notes Dr. Plaitis.

Modern operatories, digital radiography, computerized charting, and sterilization equipment that could ensure high standards in disinfection protocols were only a few of the concerns in the old office that would be positively remedied in the new facility. The 1,450-foot layout would contain 4 operatories incorporating Pelton & Crane Spirit 3000 chairs and delivery systems, Pelton & Crane Track Mount lights, the Air Techniques Utility Center, and AccuCam Classic IV Intraoral cameras. The M11 Sterilizer/HydrIM washer system was chosen for the Sterilizer.

The overall efficiency in the facility’s layout has given Metropolitan Dental the ergonomics to get the job done without the stress. Dr. Plaitis comments, “I hired Henry Schein to help out with the design of the office and assist in choosing the equipment that would allow me to achieve my goals. From the first day that I approached them, they helped to initiate the design process and oversaw the construction until the day I was ready to see patients. They were professional and confident…in every element…design, construction, and equipment installation. It made the whole process…effortless.”

From its high-end reception room to its fully loaded operatories, Metropolitan Dental’s sleek furnishings, clean lines, subtle color palette, and stylized ambient lighting have achieved the perfect marriage of functional and refined. Toronto Branch Manager Ken Croney and Field Sales Consultant Melissa De Lorenzi were part of the team integral to the office’s successful completion. “The reception area’s unique lighting and unusual veneer block wall gives patients the feeling that this is a state-of-the-art office,” notes Melissa. “Varied ceiling heights as a result of low bulkheads in the building created yet another interesting dimension throughout the office. Dr. Plaitis has graciously allowed unlimited viewing of his facility…It is a showcase office that makes quite an impact on clients. We have just completed setting up an additional two operatories as well, with the incorporation of additional technology forthcoming down the road.”

Left to right: Fay Major, Hygienist; Dr. Andrew Plaitis, Owner; Andrea Werner, Assistant; Ruth Garcia, Administrative Assistant

Metropolitan Dental has had nothing but positive feedback from both patients and staff. The space is relaxing and inviting and quickly puts patients at ease. “The staff enjoys how modern and new everything is, making the environment…a pleasure,” adds Dr. Plaitis. “Digital radiography makes the staff’s work easier…and patients can enjoy having a massage while being treated. Referrals and walk-ins from the high- traffic corridor have exceeded the expectations that were initially projected… 60% of our new patients are direct referrals from our existing patient base… growth has been steady.”

With all the right numbers in place, an inspired staff, and a high level of patient satisfaction, Dr. Plaitis is moving his business forward, and has begun planning for the remaining operatories. “The final result is worth any frustration you may have had during the process,” adds the Doctor. “If you have quite a few years of practicing ahead of you, do it in the best possible environment for your patients, staff—and most importantly—you! I have a tremendous sense of pride in being able to offer the best dentistry I can in an environment that is enjoyed by everyone involved.”

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