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PPO Management with Dr. Matthew Krieger

In this video, Dr. Matthew Krieger talks about PPO Management, ways to improve collection, and the equipment and technology with the best ROI.


Video Transcript

Interviewer: In today’s PPO environment, what are some ways to improve collections in a practice?

Dr. Matthew Krieger: We start with a solid office management software. A software like Dentrix that allows you to enter a data for each individual patient accurately, including the individual fee schedules for each PPO and then attaching them to each patient or a patient’s account, so that when we enter treatment plans into the computer, they’re accurate. In addition, insurance verification for each individual patient that can then be entered into the same software. So when we combine the two, the fee schedule and the insurance verification, we can create an accurate treatment plan and financial estimate for patients prior to scheduling their treatment. So that before they make a decision about what dentistry they want to have done, they’re very clear about what their financial obligations are. That eliminates the question marks that occur during treatment. How much am I going to have to pay? What’s my insurance going to cover? We make those decisions prior to scheduling, so that when the patients come in, they’re able to pay.

Interviewer: Knowing the PPO environment that exists today, what equipment and technology will produce the greatest ROI for a practice?

Dr. Matthew Krieger: There’s several different pieces of equipment and technology that you need in order to solidify and strengthen your ROI. Number 1, office management software. Dentrix is a solid software, robust, allows you to operate your practice efficiently for multiple user stations with multiple amounts of data. Additionally, we’re going to need intra-oral cameras and some type of digital radiography instrumentation. Not only in order to collect data on patients and sell dentistry but also to submit claims and be paid for those claims. We have to convey to the insurance company in a digital fashion what dentistry was done and why it was done. So that if there is a denial for a claim, we have proof to back why we did the dentistry that we did. Lastly, CAD is going to be a critical part of any PPO practice now and in the future as it does increase your efficiency and lower your costs. So those are three solid piece of equipment that you’ll get a great return on.

Speaker: Matthew Krieger, DMD