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Coding Recommendations with Dr. Charles Blair

In this video, Dr. Charles Blair speaks about coding reccomendations, how often codes come out, and his administration book.


Video Transcript

Interviewer: How often do codes come out?

Dr. Charles Blair: The codes come out on an annual basis. In the past it was every two years, in the far past it was every five years. And so now the codes come out and there’s a substantial number of codes that come out. Last year we had about 80 coding changes. That was 2013. We had over 50 coding changes this year. And next year, 2015 we will have around 72 coding changes. So there’s a massive number of coding changes now and so the doctor and team need to keep up with the codes on an annual basis.

Interviewer: Can you tell me about your administration book?

Dr. Charles Blair: I’m really excited about our administrative book. It goes hand in hand with our coding manual that’s been around since 2005. And the administrative book – we just don’t have other vendors out there with this type of book. It’s really the only book in dentistry on administration. And so the book has, as far as the content, various chapters. We have a chapter on PPO claim processing, how to write narratives and appeals, co-pay, expenses and discounts, how to survive a focus review and audits, in depth analysis of the codes, the new codes and that is even more extensive than in our coding manual and then also we have all about implant coding. And there’s a whole lot more in the book beyond that. So the book is several hundred pages long, it’ll be available October 15th.

Speaker: Charles Blair, DDS