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Cone Beam Technology with Dr. Bill Busch

Dr. Bill Busch speaks about the patients response to digital imaging, adding 3D imaging to his practice, and the imaging system most crucial to his practice needs.


Video Transcript

Interviewer: What type of patient response have you received regarding digital imaging technology?

Dr. Bill Busch: Our patient’s response has been absolutely incredible. Once we started employing the digital technology with the digital sensors patients were more comfortable, they realized that their visits were quicker, we were able to spend more time with them as far as their treatment needs to go, to meet them, to meet their expectations. And then also they were excited about the co-diagnosis part because in the early years we’d have to hold a little X-ray up to a light and the patients would have to squint look at it but now we can put it up on a big HD monitor. They can actually after teaching them a little bit, read their own X-rays and as they come in for their 6 months visits they’re actually pointing things out to me that I haven’t even gotten the time to tell them about that they’re almost doing their own co-diagnosis, diagnosis of their needs, too. So patients are very very excited that we have it.

Interviewer: Why did you add 3D imaging to your practice?

Dr. Bill Busch: We added 3D imaging first and foremost because of the confidence level that it gives me in my practice. We go from a 2D image which gives us just a certain amount of information and you go to 3D, it gives you a 100% of the information all the time. It just makes me a better clinician and I enjoy sharing that information with the patient and we just end up with patients that get to yes a lot quicker when it comes to their treatment needs.

Interviewer: What is the imaging technology you cannot practice without?

Dr. Bill Busch: The 3D imaging is something that I couldn’t practice without because I need it everyday, we use it everyday. It allows us to do a 100% diagnosis every single time. With 2D imaging it gives us just a certain amount of information. With 3D imaging we get to see everything. And seeing everything creates better outcomes for the patient and then makes me feel much better because I know that I’ve given the best to the patient every single time.

Speaker: William Busch, DMD, MAGD