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OSHA with Dr. Karson Carpenter

Dr. Karson Carpenter speaks about OSHA compliance mistakes, the OSHA advantages to modern steri-centers, and the importance of multiple autoclaves in a practice.


Video Transcript 

Interviewer: What are the two main OSHA compliance mistakes you see in dental offices?

Karson L. Carpenter: The two compliance mistakes that I see in dental offices regarding OSHA compliance, well, first of all, not having required annual training. It’s required to have training for all employees annually. And in addition I see lack of a written training program, a template if you will for what your training program will be like. And remember all OSHA is about is trying to establish a culture of safety in workplace. Really, the very same thing you would want if one of your family members worked there.

Interviewer: What key advantages do modern steri-centers provide us it relates to OSHA compliance and infection control?

Karson L. Carpenter: I often get asked about the design of the sterilization area and I’m a real fan of the pre-made steri-centers. The reason for this is they’re really made much better. First of all, the materials are resistant to heat and moisture, they don’t break down. The second thing I like about them is that they’re divided into four separating and distinct areas as outlined by the centers for disease control. The other thing that I find is that on the business end, it’s a much better investment because instead of being depreciated over 39 and a half years if they’re part of the building, they can be depreciated immediately.

Interviewer: How important is it for doctors to have more than one autoclave in their practice?

Karson L. CarpenterAnother important design consideration in the sterile laboratory is the autoclave capacity. I find the most offices just don’t have enough autoclave capacity because if your autoclave is down, if you do a spore test and it doesn’t work, you’re literally out of business. If you need one autoclave, make sure you have two. If you need two autoclaves, make sure you have three. It only makes sense for every dental office to have excess autoclave capacity.

Speaker: Karson L. Carpenter, DDS