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The Impact of Same-Day Dentistry

Dr. Mark Morin shares his insight on CAD/CAM’s role in today’s dentistry, the patient experience, and efficiency and workflow in the practice.


Video Transcript

Interviewer:  What is the relevance of CAD/CAM in today’s individual dental practice?

Dr. Mark Morin: Well, if we look at the current market in dentistry, I think we can tell that the PPOs now own 80% of the dental insurance market. I think most dentists will agree that we’re seeing less new patients. And most dentist I know agree that the increasing cost to do business is skyrocketing. So if you take those three that are putting tremendous pressure on our profession, there’s only one solution in this entire country and that’s CAD/CAM.

CAD/CAM dentistry allows us to produce restorations and control our cost. So in my opinion CAD/CAM dentistry is the answer to almost 90% of these incredible problems that we’re going to be facing in this year and in the future coming years. There’s no doubt that the PPOs are going to continue their climb. I wouldn’t be surprised if the PPOs controlled 90% of the market in the next couple of years. So I believe every dentist that wants to except a lower fee has to find a cheaper way to do their business. And I believe that’s the ability of CAD/CAM. We can do the same quality the lab can do and we can do it much quicker and much more efficient and we can control our cost. And I believe that’s why CAD/CAM is the solution to this incredible problem that we’re facing.

InterviewerHow can CAD/CAM improve the patient experience?

Dr. Mark Morin:  Well, I believe CAD/CAM can improve the patient’s experience tremendously. Number one, it’s quicker. I can do a full E-max crown from start to finish in an hour. So to allow my patient only to sit in my chair for an hour and we know how much people love to come to the dentist, the fact that they only come for an hour is tremendous.

More importantly, conservative and I think this is the real key. The old type dentistry we used to shave the tooth down to a little peg and make a crown and destroy all this good human enamel into dust and then put a cap on the tooth. With CAD/CAM dentistry we’re able to do is just remove the mercury filling from the tooth and the decay. And we’re able to keep the natural enamel that still exists on the tooth. So we scan it at the whole with a digital technology and we’re able to put a material in the machine that’s the closest thing to human enamel. And the machine is going to cut this precise fitting jigsaw piece, then we’re going to put back inside your tooth.

So we’re able to restore the tooth with a lot more conservative dentistry and we’re able to save all this natural enamel and bond to it which gives us a longer lasting restoration and a more conservative restoration. And I believe that patients are seeking out this kind of dentistry. They’re seeking out easier, more advanced technology that can provide better dentistry and I believe that’s CAD/CAM dentistry for sure.

Interviewer: What impact does digital dentistry have on the workflow and efficiency of the dental office?

Dr. Mark Morin: I believe digital dentistry allows me to provide workflow that’s a lot more efficient. I have one visit, I don’t have temporaries, I don’t have impressions, I don’t have lab bills. So it allows me to be a lot more efficient which means I can control my cost, therefore I’m a lot more efficient in providing dental services. And I believe that patients are looking for me to be more efficient. They’re looking for me to use technology and to provide high-end dentistry that’s a lot more predictable, done with a computer and it’s done a lot more efficiently. I can do it in an hour from start to finish which really allows me to control my environment.

Not to mention all the other digital capabilities I have in my office which again, also help me really really be a lot more efficient. I mean we look back when digital X-rays, when we switched to digital X-rays not only did I get a better image, I’m able to manipulate the image, so I can see it better. So and I’m able to eliminate all those nasty chemicals and I’m able to develop an X-ray much faster.

So I think that people just take a next step and realize that now we have digital CAD/CAM, we’re able to provide restorations, crowns, on-lays, bridges, implants and we’re able to do them in a digital way. I think people will start to realize that the efficiency that we’re able to provide those types of services because of the digital platform offers us an incredible efficiency, which is what? It means money savings. It means being able to practice and offer a lesser fee because my overhead isn’t as high and I don’t have as many cumbersome steps that I used to have in the traditional type dentistry.

Speaker: Mark R. Morin, DDS, FWCM