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The Dental Specialists of Jamestown North Dakota

Issue: Winter 2009
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And, although this approach has been used upfront repeatedly, there can also be circumstances that help one gain entree into new venues.

Such is the case in Jamestown, North Dakota when, as fate would have it, there was a need for another orthodontist in the area, opening up the opportunity for Dr. Alison Fallgatter to take the step up that would help to better define her professional goals by providing the option to create an office of her own. Previously, Dr. Fallgatter had worked in a private practice, but had a strong desire to start new and be her own boss. The timing was perfect. She would also be in a prime position to gain a strong customer base in Jamestown.

The decision to build The Dental Specialists of Jamestown opened up a world of possibilities for Dr. Fallgatter. A new endeavor of this sort has the built-in dynamics that are sure to bring about a great deal of optimism and excitement for those involved. The Doctor could now exercise her personalized design preferences and pursue her philosophy of patient care as well.

Her previous experience with Henry Schein Dental’s equipment specialists assured her that she would have a similar level of success in the upcoming transition to her own facility. Equipment Sales Specialist Mike Minor comments, “We held preliminary meetings and discussed equipment needs and what she was looking for in a dental office. I coordinated the activities through our National Design Group and the doctor’s architect to maximize the use of space. Dr. Fallgatter had a strong relationship with Field Sales Consultant John Lester. I handled equipment needs…and chose what would be required based on the specific needs of the orthodontist. The office’s customized cabinetry had to reflect high quality, low maintenance, and durability as well as being aesthetically correct.”

” We were able to meet all the doctor’s needs…and proud to be part of the team that worked to help this office become a reality.”

The office’s style is modern and open with clean lines and a contrasting color palette that brings a feeling of sophistication to the space. The inviting reception area expresses the minimalist approach with sleek, contemporary furnishings, a fireplace, and modern art that helps to set the mood. Glass walls around the consultation room add to its sense of overall spaciousness, as do the open-bay operatories.

The Dental Specialists of Jamestown has achieved its mission in creating an ideal environment that attracts patients and inspires them to refer the professional services it provides. It is also a comfortable and prosperously engineered facility, able to support the many daily activities performed by Doctors and adjunct staff members. Heightened efficiency, enhanced workflow capabilities, and the potential for increased profitability are ensured by the office’s winning design. “Everyone who walks in just raves about the new space,” remarks Doctor Fallgatter.

“The Doctor always had time to go over everything…this led to a smooth process,” adds Equipment Sales Specialist Mike Minor. “We were able to meet all the doctor’s needs…and proud to be part of the team that worked to help this office become a reality.”

Dr. Fallgatter looks forward to a future that will expand the oral surgery area. She also sees the potential for a pediatric dental practice, and is already planning equipment upgrades in radiography and the purchase of a soft-tissue laser.

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