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Dentrix & the Digital Scan: A Connection That Makes A Big Impression!

Issue: Volume 3, 2017
Commentary from Dean Vafiadis, DDS

Finalcoverimagenologos 800.jpg Dentrix & the Digital Scan: A Connection That Makes A Big Impression!

As originally published by Dental Learning

“I’ve had Dentrix since 1999, and I use it for everything,” says Dr. Dean Vafiadis, prosthodontist and founder of the New York Smile Institute in New York City. And he’s not exaggerating. Through Dentrix, he’s connected to just about everything in his office, including patient records, patient communication, billing, and digital X-rays. Recently, he added digital impressions to that list with the investment in an intraoral scanner.

“With Dentrix, anyone in the practice can view a digital scan and evaluate the corresponding digital X-ray with the scan,” explains Dr. Vafiadis.

All of this is possible thanks to Dentrix Connected. By partnering with dental companies whose products have been certified to work with Dentrix, the company has created a capable and complete technology application that enhances workflow and patient communication.

Large and Small Practices
Dr. Vafiadis, who has a large practice that includes six dentists and several treatment rooms, sees a benefit to combining Dentrix and digital impressions for both small and large practices. “In a big clinic, you want to be able to transfer information from one operatory to another and not be locked into your digital impression system,” says Dr. Vafiadis. “With Dentrix, you can do that easily.” And the advantages for smaller offices are numerous. “You don’t have to leave the chairside to work at a main computer in the front office; you can communicate right from the patient’s side when your digital impression system is integrated with Dentrix.”

Your Patients and Your Technology
Technology, when it works well, can have a huge impact on how patients view your practice.

“OMG!” That’s what Dr. Vafiadis says is the most frequent response he gets from patients when he shows them—through Dentrix and any of his connected digital impression systems—what’s going on in their mouths and how he can create solutions. “My patients will often call in their spouses to show them, as well, and then together they say, ‘Oh, now I get it. We have to do the treatment.’”

You can communicate right from the patient’s side when your digital impression system is integrated with Dentrix.

As Dr. Vafiadis explains, he can talk about treatment, but until the patients see it, they don’t really get it. “That’s the power of Dentrix in my practice,” he said. “I’ll often hand them the mouse and leave them in the operatory to explore the digital impressions.” By allowing his patients to spend time with the technology “they have a much better understanding of their oral health and treatment options, but they’re also excited and impressed,” says Dr. Vafiadis.

The technology also improves communication between his office manager and patients. In the past, the patient would get a treatment plan from the office manager that explained, in words the patient may or may not have completely understood, Dr. Vafiadis’ treatment recommendations. But now, using Dentrix, the office manager can pull up the digital X-ray and the digital impression, take a screenshot, and then send that to the patient, Dr. Vafiadis notes.

The Power of Being Connected
We’re all connected to technology every day, and it’s what we expect—whether it’s at home, at work, or in our dentist’s office. What we notice is a lack of technology. We also notice when different technologies don’t work well together, requiring extra steps or hiccups in workflow. Dentrix makes it possible to bring all of your technology together so that it works for the benefit of your practice and your patients.

10 REASONS to Bring Dentrix and Digital Impressions into Your Practice

What can you accomplish for your practice and your patients when you use an intraoral scanner with Dentrix?

  1. Improve patient experience
  2. Save time and money
  3. Increase accuracy
  4. Eliminate retakes
  5. Enhance patient communication
  6. Increase treatment acceptance
  7. Improve staff satisfaction
  8. Build practice reputation
  9. Create workflow efficiencies
  10. Increase your enjoyment of dentistry