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DEXIS go® − My Portable Consult Room

Issue: Summer 2013
Chrisptoher M. Anderson, DMD

I began practicing general dentistry in 1999 in Marietta, Georgia. The office I joined and eventually took over was founded in 1960. I’m fortunate enough to still have some of the original patients with me and have also attracted many new ones. I feel this is, in part, because we pride ourselves on offering excellent, comprehensive, and technologically advanced care. Staying up-to-date on current technology is essential in delivering this care and to having a successful practice.

DEXIS® has been my digital X-ray product of choice for over nine years now. During this time, I have had many opportunities to beta test various DEXIS products, including DEXIS® Imaging Suite and most recently, DEXIS go—the new iPad app. My father’s 30-year background at Hewlett Packard enabled him to handle my office tech support after he retired in 2006, and he played a significant role in DEXIS beta testing. He is frequently onsite and is also set up remotely to log in to the office when needed. After working with many different support groups over the years, he has been very impressed with the DEXIS technical team; we’ve both enjoyed working with them.

When we were asked to beta test DEXIS go, the only Mac product I owned was an iPhone®. Mike Stauffer, Field Support Representative for DEXIS, brought me an iPad® and iPad mini loaded with the new app, and asked me to test the system for about a month. Initially, I was a little timid to use DEXIS go, but it proved to be very simple to navigate and very similar to DEXIS itself. After the beta testing was complete, I was so impressed with how it was accepted by my patients and staff that I bought several iPad minis for the practice. I’ve found DEXIS go to be like a portable consult room−the data is with you wherever you go.

dr anderson dxgo-ipad 310x275-220x220.jpg DEXIS go® − My Portable Consult Room
DEXIS go helps create a personal patient experience.

The greatest benefit of DEXIS go is patient education. The quad screen layout allows the patient and me to view radiographs and photographs quickly and effortlessly. I can easily show them an X-ray of their tooth and with a quick swipe, change to an intra-oral photo.

DEXIS go provides what I call a “personal patient experience” as the images simply come alive in their hands. I can use a monitor for patient education, but putting an iPad in their hands and scrolling through the images – or letting them do it – creates a much more intimate setting for discussion. I believe that sharing evidence-based dentistry through clear, precise images builds a higher level of trust and a stronger bond with the patient. Offering this experience—one-on-one and side-by-side with the patient—lets me show them that they are my top priority, the only person that matters at that moment.

My staff and I are convinced that DEXIS go has significantly improved our practice. Implementing this product is another way we continue to strive for success, a success that we can measure by the positive reactions we continue to receive. Not just a cool device, DEXIS go on an iPad is now part of the essential technology that benefits my patients on a daily basis.

About the Author: Dr. Christopher M. Anderson received his Bachelor of Science at Kennesaw State University and graduated from the Medical College of Georgia School of Dentistry. He is the recipient of awards of excellence in both Prosthodontics and Pediatric Dentistry. Dr. Anderson is an avid member in local, regional, and national organized dentistry and is also an enthusiastic proponent of continuing education. He can be reached at info@dmdga.com.