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Realizing the Difference in Chairside CAD/CAM Systems

Issue: Spring 2011
By Dr. Edmond Suh, DDS, PA

>Wake Forest, North Carolina

After years of reservation, dentists have come to realize that the time for in-office CAD/CAM dentistry is now. CAD/CAM is one of the fastest growing segments in our profession because this technology gives us the ability to deliver a crown, inlay, onlay, or veneer in one visit. Time limitations are among the many reasons patients are reluctant to seek necessary dental treatment (the most common being fear), and these can now be resolved using chairside CAD/CAM technology.

What’s more, today’s world of digital dentistry relies on the chairside capture of information, which has become central to an increasing number of dental practices. It is therefore important for dentists to begin the digital integration process now, rather than later.

In my opinion, compared to other chairside systems, the E4D Dentist system represents an amazing improvement that is user friendly and extremely accurate.

Metal-free CAD/CAM-created restorations are clinically proven and have been used successfully in dentistry for more than 20 years, with many literature citations verifying how durable, long lasting, and biocompatible these restorations can be.

Although recognizing these facts might seem enough to stimulate the adoption of a powerful restorative technology, differentiating among the systems that are available can be a daunting task. After all, questions still remain about whether the technology has fully developed, making it even harder to compare apples to apples.

Dr. Edmond Suh and staff

In my opinion, compared to other chairside systems, the E4D Dentist system represents an amazing improvement that is user friendly and extremely accurate. Additionally, because the E4D Dentist system represents the most advanced technology, it is the only digital impression system that scans in the mouth, off impressions, or off stone models without the need for a contrast agent (e.g., powder). A handheld laser scanner is used to obtain digital impressions. This method is fast, accurate, and far less complicated than other technology alternatives.

It’s not just dental professionals who experience the simplicity. For patients, the E4D treatment process is also incredibly simplified because they don’t have to take time off from work multiple times, disrupt their daily routine, or undergo uncomfortable impression (either traditional or powder coating) or temporary techniques. What’s more, the E4D Dentist system incorporates a highly intuitive DentaLogic™ software program that enables a patient’s crown, veneer, or inlay/onlay to be designed chairside from start to finish, all while the patient remains comfortable in the office.

Such control over the entire restorative process is empowering not only for dentists, but also for the entire dental team, since trained dental assistants can complete many of the digital design processes using the E4D Dentist system. And, although some may still believe that dental CAD/CAM restorations are monochromatic, overly opaque, and unaesthetic, the materials available today for use with the E4D Dentist system enable chairside delivery of beautiful, durable, and precise dental solutions that are without compromise in form, fit, function, and esthetics.

Of course, accepting change isn’t always easy—it can even be frightening to start using a new technology to treat patients in new ways. Therefore, choosing a chairside CAD/CAM system that provides consistently reliable, on-demand technical support is a must. Not all systems offer this, but the E4D Dentist system does, and that’s an important distinction. The E4D Dentist system is backed by D4D’s SOS (Support on Sight) program, making the learning curve simple and easy to master. The support team uses remote access to go into your chairside system and guide you through any areas you have questions on—holding your hand as well as your mouse through the learning curve.

There is a difference among chairside CAD/CAM systems. Realizing what makes the E4D Dentist system even more powerful, user friendly, and distinctive can help in your efforts to move your practice to the next level. To assist you in your evaluation, here is my top five list of what differentiates E4D from the alternative.

1. Ease of Use.

The E4D DentaLogic software is so intuitive to operate and so well grounded in sound dental principles that I can count on my assistants to use the software. My assistants design highly esthetic and very precise restorations chairside, allowing me more time to provide care to more patients. The E4D System makes it easy for us to be more efficient.

2. Advanced Technology.
The E4D System gives me peace of mind because I know I’m providing my patients with the most advanced technology, such as a laser scanner for obtaining accurate digital impressions and a countertop mill that gives lab-size precision results. Since I don’t need to powder, system operation is less technique-sensitive, and we don’t face problems with adhesive, chemistry-based dentistry.

3. Patient Acceptance.

Everything I need clinically and esthetically I get from my E4D restorations. And for patients who’ve had previous dental work, the E4D really sets us apart because they appreciate not needing impressions, temporaries, or having to return to
the office.

4. Outstanding Training and Support.

E4D’s customer support is unparalleled in the dental profession. In addition to real-time Support on Sight (SOS), comprehensive training, software upgrades and Total Care Protection – it is apparent that E4D wants me to be successful from day one.
5. Return on Investment.

I consider my E4D System my ATM machine because it’s been a tremendous profit generator. It means everything to me to
be able to maintain my standards for clinical excellence, yet
net more profits. As a business owner, that’s exactly what I want and that’s exactly what the E4D System has delivered.
The time for a chairside CAD/CAM is NOW—and the chairside system to consider is E4D Dentist. Contact your Henry Schein Sales Consultant for details. Dr. Edmond Suh is a practicing dentist in Wake Forest, North Carolina.