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Virginia Hughson-Otte, DDS, Inc.-Valencia, California

Issue: Fall 2009
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Left to right: Dennis Pinto, Lead Service Technician; Mike Rios, Regional Operations Manager; Dr. Virginia Hughson-Otte; Eric Black, Equipment Sales Specialist; Dave Sullivan, Field Sales Consultant

During that time she became a well-known community member and dental professional, earning national and international recognition in her field through a variety of endeavors. This original office was built in the late 80s, and provided patients with the services and location that were ideal at the time. As the business evolved, patients often moved out of easy proximity, prompting the Doctor to consider offering them a more convenient commute through establishing another office. The Canyon Country facility is still active, and is now used in conjunction with the new premises in Valencia. Both offices are connected by the use of network servers, and basically function as one large office, allowing patients at either end of the valley to be easily scheduled for their dental care.

“Dr. Hughson-Otte chose Sullivan-Schein’s projected layout and approach to accomplishing her needs for the facility,” comments Eric Black. “We flew the Doctor to the Pelton & Crane factory in North Carolina and the Midmark manufacturing base in Ohio to familiarize her with the equipment choices available through each manufacturer. She chose the Pelton & Crane line for her office. The products will serve her business well with high-quality equipment that provides comfort and durability plus capabilities that will make each day’s workload a bit easier for the staff.”

Sullivan-Schein’s team took care of the office planning and design, support and advice for dental equipment decisions, financial assistance, and software procurement. The new office is effectively designed to support the Doctor’s philosophy and treatment options. “The steri-center is a wonderful addition to the office,” notes the Doctor. “ Having X-ray units in all but one treatment room has made it very convenient for all of us. The office ‘flows’ very well—the environment is extremely functional and comfortable. Patients are impressed by the office’s logistics, technology, and its inviting decor.”

 The Doctor advises “hopefuls” who might wish to take on a similar agenda, “The biggest hurdle is to get everyone to work seamlessly together. Before breaking ground, have a meeting with your design team, contractor, and subcontractor(s), interior designer, and anyone else who will be involved in the project. Allow each team member to see how they fit into the creation, execution, and ultimate completion of the project.”