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May 2015
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After 27 years of practicing dentistry, Dr. Faye Bishop-Cumberbatch made a bold decision to build a new office. Baytown, a rural community, was experiencing rapid development due to expanding oil refineries in the area. With only one other dentist practice in the Baytown/Mont Belvieu area, this gave Dr. Cumberbatch the opportunity she had been waiting for. The new, sunlit-filled office features an array of new dental equipment, all of which integrates with the office’s practice management software. Dr. Cumberbatch made a huge investment in land, a new building, a beautiful office design, and the finest technology and equipment so she could serve a community that she loves. Full Article ›

Dr. Robert Kaspers, an orthodontist, also evaluates patients – both youth and adults – for airway issues. Through the use of the i-CAT 3D imaging software and Tx Studio, he can view the airway areas, obtain precise anatomical views and measurements, and even see airway volumes with color-coded constriction values. Implementation of i-CAT FLX and the full 3D information it provides changed the way Dr. Kaspers makes diagnoses and treatment plans. For children, this technology allows him to more precisely calibrate the Herbst appliance to help stimulate growth of the lower jaw. He also cites an example where CBCT scan showed incredibly narrow airways in an adult patient who been given a splint by another doctor, which only furthered the narrowing of her airways.  Full Article ›

Patient health information (PHI) can be 10 to 20 times more valuable on the black market than credit card numbers. Because of this alarming news, dental practices should understand the risk of improper security protections, which include financial penalties from violating HIPAA regulations as well as patient loss. In an August 2013 Harris Interactive survey, 40% of patients would look for a new dentist if their personal information was stolen from their current dentist. Thomas Grover of Henry Schein TechCentral offers four security solutions that together provide robust protection for any dental practice and where to seek advice for more information. Full Article ›

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