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Dental Blog by Tag: CAD/CAM technology

The Truth About CAD/CAM Technology

Posted On: Tuesday, February 19th 2013 by

Categories: Dental Practice Technology |

(Douglas Klein, DDS, is the guest blogger today at Sidekick Magazine) Do you believe that occlusion must be created by hand? Or do you believe you’ve seen cases of poor-restoration caused by CAD/CAM technology (somehow forgetting that those restorations weren’t placed by the CAD/CAM systems, but merely fabricated by them)? These stories and experiences build […]

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CAD/CAM E4D dentistry can transform your practice!

Posted On: Wednesday, January 25th 2012 by

Categories: Dental Practice Technology | Tags:

I have been using CAD/CAM single visit dentistry in my practice since 2001. I dreaded doing single tooth crowns in my practice before CAD/CAM came along. You know the scenario. The patient needs quadrant dentistry but only can afford to do one crown. So you schedule the patient for two visits for one procedure and […]

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Less is More

Posted On: Monday, May 24th 2010 by

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Although dentistry, in general, has been slow to adapt and endorse all of the benefits and capabilities of digital dentistry, with more and more options becoming available, the horizon and hopefully acceptance has now broadened.

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