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Dental Blog by Tag: case acceptance

3 Steps for Increased Periodontal Case Acceptance

Posted On: Friday, November 7th 2014 by

Categories: Dental Practice Management |

(Wendy Briggs, RDH, is our guest blogger today at Sidekick Magazine) Our biggest challenge in providing Dental Care is not delivering our services; it’s having patients ready and willing to have the services done. In this training we cover the five steps you need to follow to have more patients moving forward with your periodontal […]

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Why Dental Patients Break Appointments

Posted On: Friday, August 22nd 2014 by

Categories: Dental Continuing Education |

More than an annoyance, it’s a financial burden when dental practices have broken appointments. The cost could be nearly 25% of a practice’s take-home every year with broken hygiene appointments generally being the greatest economic killer. In order to help minimize broken appointments, it’s important to understand why they happen. Dr. Charles Blair and David […]

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Your Swiss Army Knife for Diagnosis and Patient Education

Posted On: Friday, October 25th 2013 by

Categories: Dental Practice Technology |

There are many multi-use, intraoral cameras on the market that offer dentists the tools they need for documentation, diagnosis, and patient education. Paul Feurstein, DMD, believes the SoproCARE is one of the few intraoral cameras that excels across the board in resolution, lighting, and the ability to zoom in on specific areas. When less obvious […]

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It Takes A Team To Close A Case

Posted On: Friday, November 9th 2012 by

Categories: Dental Continuing Education |

An Exclusive Special Event Webinar Presentation Over the past six years, Gary Kadi’s, “IT TAKES A TEAM TO CLOSE A CASE” has been shared with over 2,500 dental teams across the United States. Join us for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to participate in Gary’s final presentation of this amazing course! You will leave with the ultimate, […]

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Teaching Your Office Walls to Talk to Your Patients…And Dramatically Increasing Productivity

Posted On: Tuesday, July 14th 2009 by

Categories: |

Have you ever wondered how some practices thrive while seeming to work in a sea of calm? Why do some practices seem to obtain a disproportionate return for the amount of energy they put into their efforts? How does it happen that certain practices successfully gravitate to only highly profitable cosmetic dentistry procedures?

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