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Dental Blog by Tag: dental industry

Audit issues remain the same for many dentists

Posted On: Saturday, February 11th 2012 by

Categories: Dental Practice Management |

I just finished another audit and the issues remain the same. I see the phrase “The documentation does not support the treatment provided,” which means the dentists faces significant financial loss because he is being asked for repayment for the “unjustified” services. Audits can be very, very costly for dentists. If a “random” audit of […]

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SUMMARY: The Benefits of Chairside Dental CAD/CAM Systems

Posted On: Wednesday, July 13th 2011 by

Categories: Dental Practice Technology | Tags:

Dental technology is constantly evolving, and the chairside dental CAD/CAM system has come a long way – with an innovative and intuitive DentaLogic software program, a patient’s crown, inlay or veneer can be designed from start to finish while the patient is comfortably seated in the exam chair.

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