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Dental Blog by Tag: dental practice technology

Don’t Delay Making Changes to Your Dental Practice

Posted On: Friday, August 30th 2013 by

Categories: Dental Practice Management |

There are many reasons why right now is the best time to open a new dental practice, remodel your existing practice, or purchase new dental equipment. The 2013 Section 179 deduction benefit of $500,000 has never been higher and the bonus deduction applies up to $2,000,000. Additionally, higher tax rates than prior years make all […]

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Less is more for Edward McMurdo’s single practice

Posted On: Saturday, October 20th 2012 by

Categories: Dental Office Design, Dental Practice Management, Dental Practice Technology |

Edward McMurdo wanted to align himself with a dental partner when he moved from Vancouver, British Columbia to Tecumseh, Ontario. But when he couldn’t find what or who he wanted, McMurdo decided to build his own office—a compact, 1600-foot, three-operatory office. McMurdo offers the most modern of amenities to patients, from the massage chairs they […]

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Adding laser dentistry can help dentists generate new business

Posted On: Thursday, July 26th 2012 by

Categories: Dental Practice Management, Dental Practice Technology |

In this lingering recession, dentists are no different than anyone else: They’re feeling the pinch as well. Despite the tough economic times, though, dentists need to add, not subtract, from their offerings in order to ensure their viability. As Dr. David Eshom has learned, investing in dental lasers not only increases the amount of services […]

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Research a vital component of upgrading to digital X-rays

Posted On: Saturday, July 7th 2012 by

Categories: Dental Practice Technology |

Sticker shock often stops dentists from purchasing new dental technology, such as digital X-ray machines, that could actually, in the long run, save them money and improve the services they offer patients. As Pride Institute president Lou Shuman notes, though, dentists could avoid such short-sighted and costly decisions by researching how much their current X-ray […]

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Spotlight: Sometimes, you can go home again—and rebuild it

Posted On: Tuesday, December 13th 2011 by

Categories: Dental Practice Technology |

Dr. Justin Moody embraced a unique opportunity in 1997, when he headed home to Nebraska to work with—and eventually take over for—his longtime family dentist. After almost a decade at the office, Moody decided he needed to upgrade the technology he provided and installed the DEXIS 2-D intraoral digital X-rays in 2006. Observing the benefits […]

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Summary: Digital revolution a profitable and productive one for dentists

Posted On: Wednesday, November 9th 2011 by

Categories: Dental Practice Technology |

Dentists barely used computers when John Cranham graduated from dental school in 1988. More than two decades later, of course, computers have revolutionized dentistry and allowed dentists to digitally store everything from appointment books to patient files and turn their offices paperless. Advances such as digital radiography, digital photography, chairside CAD/CAM and computerized cone beam […]

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