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Dental Blog by Tag: laser technology

Adding laser dentistry can help dentists generate new business

Posted On: Thursday, July 26th 2012 by

Categories: Dental Practice Management, Dental Practice Technology |

In this lingering recession, dentists are no different than anyone else: They’re feeling the pinch as well. Despite the tough economic times, though, dentists need to add, not subtract, from their offerings in order to ensure their viability. As Dr. David Eshom has learned, investing in dental lasers not only increases the amount of services […]

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Summary: Going wireless—especially with lasers—becoming the only way to go for dentists

Posted On: Monday, January 2nd 2012 by

Categories: Dental Practice Technology |

The days of walking into a dentist’s office and having to step over and around all sorts of equipment with wires are long gone. Most offices today feature modern devices such as wireless intraoral cameras, wireless digital X-ray sensors, wireless remote controls and diode lasers, all of which reduce clutter in the office while dramatically […]

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Distinctive Advantage

Posted On: Thursday, July 28th 2011 by

Categories: |

Dr. David Eshom gives vital information on how to improve your practice with laser dentistry. The “talented” laser will impress your patients with its ease of use and great variety of treatment applications!

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