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Still Standing Stately: The Roosevelt Hotel, Grand Dame of Madison Avenue

Issue: Winter 2007

The neo-classical lobby with its gilded adornments captures the buzz and electric current that the city is known for. After being ushered through the traditional revolving doors by white-gloved porters, you will be immediately transported to the grandeur of old New York. Visitors revel in the hustle and bustle and quickly understand why politicos, corporate high-rollers, celebrities, and filmmakers alike are so attracted to this historic entity.

Named for President Theodore Roosevelt, this midtown masterpiece has attracted the crème de la crème since the 1920s, from aristocrats and artists to celebrities and socialites. The hotel still stands mere blocks from the theatres of Broadway, famous Fifth Avenue shopping, Rockefeller Center, and corporate offices.

Today, you will find simple and classic appointments such as mahogany wood finishes and light-colored bed coverings combined with conveniences of traditional wheel-back desk chairs and conservative armoires to create a cozy, residential feeling.

De-crowning New York as the “city that never sleeps,” The Roosevelt Hotel’s guest quarters underwent a “plush renovation” in 2006. The new Roosevelt bed welcomes guests to rooms touting an aura of grace and comfort. A soft golden duvet adorned in a Corinthian pattern drapes a rich foundation of triple-layered sheets and forgiving mattress. Five plush pillows now rest atop, giving even the most selective sleeper something to choose from.

Big Band great Guy Lombardo began his cherished New Year’s Eve tradition of broadcasting “Auld Lang Syne” over radio airwaves from the famous Roosevelt Grill. The Roosevelt Grill still features 1920’s styling, with white-gloved waiters and crisp, white linens on each meticulously attended to table. Make sure to try the restaurant’s American cuisine prepared with a creative flair.

The dark mahogany walls and a 31-foot long mahogany bar of the Madison Club Lounge combine with stained-glass windows and faux fireplaces to create a loose-tie library atmosphere. An after-hours watering hole for women and men alike, the Lounge continues to introduce locale-inspired Madison Martinis, like the Zen Master and Red Fusion. Many business deals have been closed over after-hours enticements from the extensive cognac, port wine and single malt scotch lists.

Deemed the Grand Dame of Madison Avenue since 1924, whitegloved porters whisk guests through the traditional revolving doors of The Roosevelt Hotel, where they are immediately transported to the grandeur of old New York. The Roosevelt Hotel is located right in the thick of things — steps from Fifth-Avenue shopping and Park Avenue and a straight shot to the hip East Village and Lower East Side’s restaurants and bars.

For more information, call The Roosevelt toll-free at 888-TEDDY-NY, or visit www.theroosevelthotel.com.